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Don’t Take Photos  -  Make Art!
Derek Hayes.        A Semiahmoo Arts Council Course
South Surrey Recreation and Art Centre
This practical course will help you create true works of art that you can be proud of rather than just snaps that record what is in front of you. Anyone can press a shutter release, but it takes some skill and lots of observation to determine what to photograph and what to do with it afterwards to transform it into something special. Art involves interpretation and it is this interpretation that makes it your own. The course will cover numerous types of artistic images and provide complete information and hands-on practice on how to create them. After each session participants will be expected to try out techniques on their own and share some of their efforts at the following week’s class. Software isn’t essential at the start of the course but participants will be shown how to use them to create some effects and may wish to purchase certain software items for their own use to get the most out of the course. The following outline lists much of what will be offered, but the order of presentation will likely change, and will to some extent be tailored to the requirements of course participants, as will the level of details. This is a new course, and its exact contant will be evolving as we go.
Session 1.
a. Discussion of what we are trying to achieve. What is art, or at least, how are we going to define it. What we need to begin. Examples of what you can hope to achieve after completing the course. The importance of observation. How to find art in any environment. Emotional processes and physical processes. The overriding importance of composition.
b. Impressionism and abstraction through movement. With and without neutral density filters. In camera and in post-processing. Lateral movement, vertical movement, zoom movement, combination movement, plus compositing blurred images with sharp. Composition.
Session 2.
a. Review of your work from the previous week.
b. i. Impressionism by reflection. In objects, in water, and other reflective surfaces.Managing degrees of distortion. Using light in water. Composition.
ii. Panoramas. How to create worthwhile panoramic images. Use of tripods, and not. Different types of panorama, including planets (circular closed end panoramas) and how to create them. Composition.
Session 3.
a. Review of your work from the previous week.
b.i Incorporating the art of others into yours. Interpretation, derivation, and transformation. Legal considerations. Graffiti art. Store windows as a source. Other sources. Composition.
ii. The tondo. Using a fisheye lens. Why you should consider this lens for those very different shots. Composition. Wide angle alternatives.
Session 4.
a. Review of your work from the previous week.
b. Monochrome: the photographer’s particular medium. How to take photos for mono, how to convert them and how to optimize them to get the correct contrast etc. Composition. Black and white and other tones and their uses for effect. Specialized conversions, “old” processes, solarization, negatives. Infrared conversion and using an infrared converted camera. Selective colour, its use, and how to create it. Printing considerations.
Session 5.
a. Review of your work from the previous week.
b. i. The Decisive Moment in composition. Street art, people, object art, the art of the automobile, architecture as art. Nights and lights.
ii. Programs and plugins. Posterization. Simplification. Lightroom. Textures and compositing.
Session 6.
a. Review of your work from the previous week.
b. Advanced techniques. Finding and creating high dynamic range (HDR) images. Multiple exposures. Different portraits. botanical art photography. Silhouettes, strong line and colour, the unusual angle. Minimalism. Long exposure techniques. Get up before dawn! Shadows. The abstract form. Photographing through a distorting medium.
Purpose and projects. Following your interest. Creating series art. Experimentation. Displaying art. Mediums.
PLUS! Optional field trip, probably to Downtown Vancouver, for those interested (probably a Saturday). TBA.
A shortened course is offered for January 2015, $64 for four sessions  12, 19, 26 Jan + 2 Feb. To register, visit the City of Surrey's WebReg site at
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